WOOHOO! Ten thousand stories on StoryWeaver!

Posted by Pallavi Krishnan on December 06, 2018

StoryWeaver has achieved a new milestone by adding 10,000 stories to the platform! When we launched StoryWeaver in September 2015 with 800 stories in 24 languages, we really couldn't predict the tremendous reception the platform has had, not just in India but around the world.

We couldn’t have done it without you, our amazing community! So, a big big THANK YOU to all of you. It's your stories, your translations and your unwavering belief that all children should have access to joyful stories that have helped us achieve this milestone. Without your support and goodwill we wouldn't be where we are or having so much fun doing what we do!

Today, with 10,000 stories in 122 languages, StoryWeaver is truly a global repository of multilingual stories. We hope you continue to support us on our journey and bring more stories in more languages to children around the globe.

To celebrate this milestone we are running a little contest on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Do check it out!

Here’s to the next 10,000! Onward and upward!

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Art thou ready for our first ever Illustrator Workshop!

Posted by Sherein Bansal on November 20, 2018

Written by Sheena Deviah, Art Director, Pratham Books


This year, over two balmy days in May, we teamed up with the talented Vinayak Varma to conduct an immersive workshop with a bunch of extremely talented illustrators. The participants were Priya Kuriyan, Rajiv Eipe, Somesh Kumar, Sunando C and Kabini Amin and the workshop was led by Vinayak. Fun and snacks were had by all.

This workshop has led to the zany Bow Meow Wow by Priya, the lovable Khusar Pusar by Somesh and a couple more that will be up on StoryWeaver very soon.

Here’s what happened in picto-typographical form!

Lettering: Sheena Deviah

Photos: Aparna Kapur, Vridhhi Chaudhry


A huge thank you to the folks at Lightroom Bookstore and The Ladies Finger for hosting us.


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