Today is a significant day: It is International Literacy Day, and 5 years since the launch of StoryWeaver. The pandemic has only deepened our resolve to help achieve United Nations’  Sustainable Development Goal 4: Quality Education, by giving children around the world access to high-quality multilingual reading materials, and strengthening the publishing ecosystem to enable this. 

September is also the 5th anniversary of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We are delighted to mark this shared milestone with a specially curated set of Book Lists, featuring storybooks that highlight concepts, values and principles related to the SDGs.

We hope that these Lists will be a useful resource for educators and look forward to them sparking meaningful conversations about subjects like equality, peace and climate action – and inspiring the next generation of readers and learners.

Thank you to all the wonderful people who make the StoryWeaver community such a rich and vibrant one: our young readers, committed educators, brilliant creators, talented translators, farsighted publisher partners, and encouraging donors. StoryWeaver now offers more than 24,000 open source storybooks in over 260 languages.

With your support we can make Literacy and Quality Education a reality for all children.

Illustrations  credits:  
Shrujana Shridhar for बेटियाँ भी चाहें आज़ादी written by Kamla Bhasin, published by Pratham Books | Priya Kuriyan for सतरंगी लड़कियाँ written by Kamla Bhasin, published by Pratham Books | Archana Sreenivasan for P.S. What's up with the climate? written by Bijal Vachharajani, published by Pratham Books | Rajiv Eipe for The Novel Coronavirus: We Can Stay Safe,  written & illustrated by multiple creators, published by Pratham Books

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