We’ve discovered the next generation of Mad Scientists!

Posted by Remya Padmadas on April 06, 2016

In February, StoryWeaver celebrated National Science Day with Wonder Why Week: seven days of new, digital-first non-fiction books for children, activities, resources and story telling sessions! You can read more about the event here.

We also joined hands with Reading Raccoons - Discovering Children’s Literature Facebook group to hunt for the next, young, Mad Scientist. Reading Raccoons connects parents across the world and lets them bond over a shared love for children’s literature, share ideas, reviews resources and of course, which books their little raccoons loved the most.

We asked kids to send in a short video of themselves conducting a cool, out-of-the-book science experiment. We received some really fun entries: walking water, DIY volcanoes and up-cycled water bottles that explained air pressure.

We’re so pleased to announce the results of the contest… so drum roll please!

1st Prize Mahek Aggarwal with her Sink or float Orange experiment.

2nd Prize  Ira Naik for her DIY water sprinker that teaches us about air pressure.

3rd Prize We have two 3rd prize winners:  Shourya Sharma for his speed and velocity demonstration and Vaishnavi Mehra’s working model that explained rotation, revolution, solar and lunar eclipse.

We’ll be reaching out to the winners soon and sending them their prizes! Thanks to Reading Raccoons for hosting the contest and a very, very big thank you to all the young scientists who shared their ideas with us!  Here’s to more discoveries and experiments!

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