Re-levelling stories on StoryWeaver

Posted by Remya Padmadas on March 14, 2016

All children read at their own pace. To help you find books that are suitable to a child’s reading ability, books on StoryWeaver have been categorized by reading levels (there are 4). These reading levels are not representative of a child's age or grade, and instead are based on the length of the book, complexity of vocabulary and the storyline. For example, a child in Grade 1 may be able to read a Level 3 book fluently, but a child in Grade 3 may not be able to read a Level 3 book. Also remember that children need not be at the same reading level across languages. For example, a child's reading level in Marathi may be 3 but in Hindi it may be 1! You can find out more about StoryWeaver's reading levels here.

Re-levelling books

'Re-level' is probably one of the most useful tools for educators.  In essence, it means changing the level of the story.  Let’s consider a case where the storyline and characters of a storybook are extremely entertaining, but the sentences are long and complex, making it difficult for a younger child to read it. This is where the re-level tool comes in handy.  You can re-level by cutting down sentences or changing complex words to simpler words to make the story easier to understand for the child, all the while keeping the storyline intact. 

How to Re-level Books on StoryWeaver

Here we’ll show you how to relevel a story in a few easy steps.

Step 1

Find a story you like. We’ll be re-levelling ‘The Day it Rained Fish’ by Ramendra Kumar and Delwyn Remedios. This is a Level 2 Book. We’ll be creating a Level 1 version of the same story.

Click on the re-level icon at the bottom.

Step 2

Choose what level you’d like to change the book to. Let's re-level this book to level 1.

Step 3.

The Story Editor window will now open.

The original text of the story will show and you can type in your text in the text box below!

Remember, it’s important to stick to the storyline of the original book when re-levelling, and to use words and language that are appropriate to the level you are aiming for. It’s a good idea to spend some time on StoryWeaver to get a sense of our 4 reading levels. Here is a story and a re-levelled version of it to help you understand this better: 'Gulli's Box of Things'  by Anupama Ajinkya Apte is a Level 2 book. One of our team members has re-levelled it to Level 1 here.

We hope you find the re-levelling tool useful! If you’ve re-levelled a story, leave a link to it in the comments section below!

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