Spotting fun in your classroom!

Posted by Remya Padmadas on December 06, 2016

Hello teachers!

We recently concluded our illustration campaign #Spotathon on StoryWeaver. We asked illustrators to create one spotting illustrations for us to help crowdsource a FREE spotting book for children. We've had the most  wonderful time looking at all the incoming entries and illustrators really expanded their imagination creating spotting illustrations set in a music room, markets, gardens, kitchens and even staff rooms :)

Spotting books can be a wonderful way to engage children, develop pre-reading skills and most important of all, they're just SO MUCH FUN! Our Outreach Manager, Payoshni Saraf put together a chotu list of spotting books for all those lovely teachers out there to use in you classroom!  

Nature Trail Rajiv Eipe brings his love for birding (or bird watching) to his entry. In 'A Nature Trail' a photographer takes pictures of birds, animals and isects that she sees on a nature walk. Can you spot them all?

An Evening at the Spice Market Megha Vishwanathan brings to life the smells and sounds of an evening market place in this beautifully detailed illustration. 

Space Station Booyakasha Are you ready for zero gravity? Blast off through stratosphere in Greystroke's fun and zany outerspace adventure!   

A Class Photo Hair oiled and combed? Ribbons in place? No funny faces or rabbit ears please! Let's line up and look for all the wonderful quirks Vidya Gopal wants us to find in her creation 'A Class Photo'. 

The Marketplace To market! To market! Shopping has never been as colourful and vibrant as it is in Niloufer Wadia's Spotathon entry 'The Marketplace'. What will you spot and buy? 

Messy Miss Mita Oh ho! Look's like Miss Mita has NOT tidied up her room. Help her tidy up won't you? But only AFTER you've spotted everything. 

and a special one for our dear teachers-  Paper Boat goes to the Staff Room Team Paper Boat has really captured the nuances of the Staff Room. Can you see yourself in this illustration dear teacher? Or perhaps one of your colleagues? 


We hope you and your students have lots of fun in the classroom with these Spotathon entries! Do write to us and tell us how YOU used them in the classroom and what your children thought at [email protected]