Teachers discover their inner child at StoryWeaver workshop!

Posted by Menaka Raman on September 12, 2017

Ankit Bhuptani of VIDYA, writes about a recent StoryWeaver workshop he conducted with his colleagues in Dahod, Gujarat. 

I recently got an opportunity to facilitate a workshop on StoryWeaver with my colleagues Jayshree Murali  and  Sangeeta Gupta at Sri Sri Ravishankar Vidya Mandir, Dahod, Gujarat on 16th July 2017. Our session was was part of larger 2 day workshop on ‘Language Learning’ conducted by my organization VIDYA. VIDYA is a not-for-profit working with children, adolescents and youth in the urban slum communities of Delhi, Gurgaon, Mumbai, Bangalore and Pune. This is our 31st  year having been seeded in Delhi in the home of our Founder Rashmi Misra. We have a holistic approach to education with a focus on academics, life skills and digital empowerment.

The workshop started with an introduction to the StoryWeaver platform using a short video. After this, we explored the ways to find an ideal story for the class and read a bilingual story together followed by a session on how to translate  stories. This happened in small groups of 5 teachers each who logged-in on the platform and translated a story. Now was the time to create our own. But….. suddenly the power was gone!  And  we had to find our own ‘power'!

What fun it was to weave and spin a story based on the pictures which we had downloaded from very rich picture pitara of  StoryWeaver. The story was about  two children  Pinku and Pinky who go to a jungle in search of their cat  Biladi.  All the teachers were immersed and the child in them surfaced.

The whole workshop not only helped teachers to understand the platform of StoryWeaver but also helped to develop important teaching skills like group building  and critical thinking.  The teachers felt that integrating technology in the classroom  via stories  was  a brilliant idea.


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