StoryWeaver is open sourcing its code!

Posted by Pallavi Krishnan on June 24, 2019


Hello, Developers! On Pratham Books’ StoryWeaver, all storybooks are open-licensed, and can be used and adapted freely - with appropriate attribution - to suit a user’s needs. To amplify our reach, we are open sourcing the code under the OSI-approved MIT license, so that developers across the world can use it as is, or adapt it to meet their needs.

It’s also your chance to help make StoryWeaver even better!

StoryWeaver is built on Rails, a web application framework with ReactJS as its front-end technology. The third-party libraries we use are also open-source. All our code is on GitHub where anyone can view and participate in the further development of StoryWeaver - make sure you take a look at our participation guidelines. All the code that we release is mature. The platform continues to be actively developed by Pratham Books and new code will be released as soon as it passes internal QA processes.

Your contributions - in any kind, like bug reports, patches, suggestions, and feature requests - are not just welcome, they’re eagerly anticipated.

Having seen the rapid adoption and extensive usage of StoryWeaver in India, as well as globally, we believe that many more can benefit from our platform. Educators can customise reading material for their classrooms. Parents can co-create stories with their children. Readers, of all levels, can discover storybooks of their choice and language.

Developers may wish to contribute to the standalone components and algorithms - the recommendation engine, image processing tools, cropping and formatting features, and more.  

If you’d like to adopt StoryWeaver as a platform for your needs, our developer team would love to connect. Drop us an email at [email protected]

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