Millions of children around the world are at home due to school closures, in an effort to control the COVID-19 outbreak. Whether you are an educator looking for distance learning solutions, or a parent looking for ways of keeping your little ones engaged, or someone who cares about children having uninterrupted access to reading resources even during school closures - StoryWeaver is here to support you during this time. Click here to access a curated list of free digital reading resources for children, on StoryWeaver and other platforms.

Freedom to Read 2020

At StoryWeaver, we believe that every child deserves to have joyful reading material in her mother tongue. To make this a reality, we have been building all-digital libraries in hundreds of languages through the 'Freedom to Read' campaign - with your help. We are excited to announce the 4th edition of 'Freedom to Read', and once again, we invite you to partner with us, to help us build and share digital libraries in languages with few or no books. Click here to learn how you can support 'Freedom to Read 2020'.

StoryWeaver Turns 4

With millions of users from over 150 countries, StoryWeaver is harnessing the power of open licences, collaboration, and technology to create a platform that is providing open access to thousands of books in local languages to nurture the next generation of readers and learners. None of this would have been possible without the support of our wonderful community. Thank you. Times 4!

Freedom to Read 2019

StoryWeaver believes that every child deserves to have joyful reading material in her mother tongue. To this end, we launched the Freedom to Read 2019 campaign with the ambition of building open digital libraries in 100 local languages. Click here to read more. To look at what the process was like, click here.


Pratham Books' PhoneStories, weaves together words, images and sounds to create a delightful reading experience for children. PhoneStories have been designed to be mobile first and available at no cost so that children across the country can access them easily. See our Wildlife PhoneStories here, and follow Miss Laya and her Fantastic Motorbike and their PhoneStory adventures here.

Freedom to Read

At StoryWeaver we believe every child should have access to joyful stories in her mother tongue. Through this campaign we pledge to add stories in 15 new languages to StoryWeaver. Click here to read more.


StoryWeaver was launched with the Weave-a-Story campaign where 8 enchanting children's stories were shared with the community to help create 100 translations of these. Click here to read more.


Before the launch of StoryWeaver an online campaign was run by Pratham Books to build a rich bank of open-source illustrations. The essence of the #6FrameStoryChallenge was to tell a good story using just 6 illustrations. Click here to know more.


Celebrating the innate curiosity children possess about the world around them we introduced engaging, picture books that covered STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) topics. Read more here.


Spotathon was StoryWeaver's campaign to collect 'spotting' illustrations from artists around the world to create an amazing spotting book for children, made available for free on storyweaver.org.in. To see all the entries made to Spotathon click here.