Translation Sprint Playbook

What is a sprint? Why do we recommend a sprint?

A StoryWeaver Translation Sprint is a great way to accelerate the creation of local language reading resources for children. It involves two days of collaboration that brings together volunteer translators of varying experiences to translate, review. and digitally publish storybooks for children in a chosen target language or languages on StoryWeaver.

We recommend the translation sprint as we think it is the best way to create a digital library of good quality, local language storybooks. According to a study by Global Book Fund, “having the opportunity to engage with books is known to boost a child’s literacy. Children need to read approximately 50 books per year to practice reading and children growing up in homes with at least 20 books get three years more schooling than children from homes without books.” So, a library of just 50 storybooks can provide children with one new book every week for an entire year.

How to conduct a StoryWeaver Translation Sprint?

If you would like to conduct a StoryWeaver translation sprint, please do take a look at the StoryWeaver Translation Sprint Playbook and download the manual for a step by step guide to conducting a translation sprint. Also, do feel free to reach out to us at [email protected].

The StoryWeaver Translation Sprint Playbook is a detailed instruction manual on how to plan, organise, run and record a translation sprint. The playbook is a step by step guide that will help you select books for translation, how to select volunteers, checklists for setting up the event and even best practices for translating children's books.

Here is a quick preview of an excerpt of the StoryWeaver Translation Sprint Playbook

Click here to download the complete playbook

Here are examples of some successfully conducted StoryWeaver Translation Sprints on StoryWeaver