A few Don’ts, and very many Dos

StoryWeaver is a community platform that is intended to be as creative, clean, and enjoyable as the stories we produce.

  • DO keep weaving. Keep reading, writing, illustrating, translating, and sharing.
  • DO encourage friends and other Weavers to place these stories in the lives of children across the globe.
  • DO encourage other Weavers. Like and comment on stories that made you smile, cry, or think.
  • DO be nice. We’re nice. And we love other nice people.
  • DO tag your stories. As the pool of stories grows, tags help other Weavers find your work.
  • DO hold on to the nuances of the language and the story when you translate.
  • DO remember that StoryWeaver reserves the right to delete any stories that do not comply with our guidelines.
  • DON’T publish stories or illustrations that are not your own.
  • DON’T use racist, obscene, derogatory, sexist, or hateful language. StoryWeaver is for children, and that must be kept in mind at all times while producing/reviewing work on the platform.
  • DON’T write stories as a medium to push to your religious or political agenda.
  • DON’T give out personal information. It's not safe.
  • DON’T spam people. We’re nice, but we will ban you.