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Translating with StoryWeaver

Thank you for helping us build a rich repository of multilingual books on StoryWeaver. Translation on the platform is easy – first, pick the language you would like to translate from, and then, the language you would like to translate the story to!

StoryWeaver has some terrific stories here – you're certain to find one you'd like to translate. We believe that all children deserve the joy of reading stories in their mother tongue languages. When you translate one of our stories to a new language, you are contributing to our repository of openly licensed multilingual stories. Not only will you help children get more stories to read, but you will also be part of a movement of thousands of other passionate translators.

Translating Tips

  1. Keep your language child-friendly and suitable to the Reading Level of the story.
  2. Retain the flavour and essence of the original story. Do not attempt to translate puns and idioms from the original story that will not work well in the translated version.
  3. Once you complete the translation, do read the story again independently to see how it reads. Remember, the child reading your translation may not have read the original story.
  4. When you are ready to publish your story, do remember to have, both, the story title as well as the synopsis translated as well.