Get ready to laugh until your sides hurt!

Posted by Remya Padmadas on January 10, 2020

StoryWeaver is celebrating #LaughterMonth to ring in the new year! Here are some books that will bring a sprinkle of laughter, a dash of chuckles and even a guffaw or two into your life. 

This illustration by ROSH originally appeared in 'The Girl Who Could Not Stop Laughing' wriiten by Meera Ganapathi and published by Pratham Books.

1. The Girl Who Could Not Stop Laughing written by Meera Ganapati and illustrated by ROSH, revolves around little T.Sundari who just can’t seem to stop laughing even when it gets her in trouble. She wonders if it's a problem that she should do something about. Her plans to control her laughter fails until she goes to her brother. Does he have a cure? Find out in this riotously lovely book here

2. Lesley Beake's It Wasn't Me from BookDash is beautifully illustrated book by Gwendolene van der. This cheerful book tells the tale of what happens when a mother leaves her kids and the pets home alone. What could possibly go wrong? Let’s find out here

3. It's All the Cat's Fault written by Anushka Ravishankar and illustrated by Priya Kuriyan is about a boy who gets scolded for not completing his homework. He, however, has a legitimate excuse! Read about what happened to him, and you'll see how one thing can lead to another, and another, and another... Find out how it all ends here

4. What Are These For? written by Bhavini and illustrated by Chaaya Prabhat. The cat enters the kitchen and topples all the utensils, much to the awe of the children.  The kids want to know all about the objects splattered on the floor. Bhavini's fun rhymes makes this a delightful read for children! Read the story here.

5. Achoo written by Sudhir, illustrated by Subinita Deshaprabhu and translated to English by Gouri Srinidhi. Kabir is our troubled protagonist who sneezes all the time. It makes him spill his milk, gets him thrown off the bicycle and the list just goes on! Can he stop his sneezes? Read to find out what fresh troubles his sneezes bring to him, his friends and his family! Read the story here

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